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Q1: How long to deliver(Ship within 24h)?

RU: about 7 – 15 days, Ship from Moscow

ES: about 3 – 7 days,ship from ES

KR: about 5 days

BR/US/FR/DE/UK: about 7 – 12 days

CL/IL/PL/MX/IT/AU/EU: about 10 – 20 days

Q2: Can I use essential oils or fragrances?

Don’t support. Please use tap water. If use essential oils , it will cause the humidifier to melt, and pure water will cause the humidifier mist outlet to block

Q3: Why doesn’t spray?

1. Click the button, continuous spray mode
2. Press the button again, the gap spray mode
3. Press the button again to turn off the spray

4. Cotton swab is not fully soaked

Q4: Why doesn’t night light turn on?

1. Long press button 3S to turn on light
2. Then press 3S button again to turn off light


1.【Colorful Night Lights】Marketing a peaceful atmosphere, helping you sleep
2. 【Adjustable spray】 2 modes, continuous spray and intermittent spray
3. 【Auto power off】 4 hours/6 hours timing shutdown
4.【USB Power Supply】Compatible with any USB port devices, such as computers, power banks, sockets, power sockets.
5.【Small and Lightweight】Suitable for 20-30㎡of home bedroom, office, or portable car, travel.


Material: ABS+Silicone
Input: 5V/1.0A
Current: 250-350mA
Power: 2A
Spray volume: 30-45mL/h
Size: 78*78*119mm

Package list:

USB data cable*1
English manual*1
cotton swab

Why do you need a humidifier?

1. Dry air is easy to breed bacteria, leading to rhinitis, sneezing, allergies, etc.
2. Dryness will accelerate skin aging and cause wrinkles
3. Poor humidifiers have no humidifying effect

The most suitable air humidity is about 50%
Room Humidification Companion,Humidify the whole house

Silver ion antibacterial material

Antibacterial 99.9%, effectively inhibits bacteria, protecting the health of your family

Intelligent turn off, 2 modes

1. Click the button, continuous spray mode
2. Press the button again, the gap spray mode
3. Press the button again to turn off the spray

Colorful Night Light

Marking a peaceful atmosphere, helping you sleep
Press button for 3s to turn on colorful light

Nano atomization

Spray molecule is 0.3-0.5μm, which is easier to be absorbed by skin, keeps your skin moisturizing

Ours VS other

After a few hours, humidifier will accumulate water

Filter absorbs impurities

15 days replace filter

If filter element is used for too long, bacteria will be nourished, filter element should be replaced every 15 days on average.

Applicable multiple scenarios

Suitable for 20-30㎡, such as bedrooms, living rooms, conference rooms, cars. . .

How to use?

Spray function

1. Click the button, continuous spray mode
2. Press the button again, the gap spray mode
3. Press the button again to turn off the spray

Night light function

1. Press and hold for 3 seconds warm white light
2. Press and hold for 3 seconds again, colorful atmosphere lighting
3. Press and hold again for 3 seconds to turn off the light

Timing function

1. Continuous spray mode automatically shuts down for 4 hours
2. The interval spray mode automatically shuts down for 6 hours

Use tap water, otherwise, humidifier will accumulate water & won’t spray

Brand Name


Humidification Method

Mist Discharge

Power (W)


Voltage (V)

5V, humidifier




Mainland China





Mist Outlet Quantity




Water-shortage Power-off Protection



Ultrasonic Sterilize



Model Number

DQ107, humificador

Humidifying Capacity




Humidity Control


Power Type



Ultrasonic Humidifier


Classic Columnar



Timing Function


Operation Method

Keyboard Type

Feature 1

diffuser essential oils

Feature 2

car air freshener

Feature 3

air humidifier

Feature 4

mist maker

Feature 6

essential oil diffuser

Feature 7

cloudy vibe diffuser

Feature 8

car humidifier

Feature 9

air humidifier essential oil diffuser

Feature 10

ultrasonic humidifier

Feature 11


Feature 12

mini humidifier

Feature 13

car diffuser

Feature 14

air freshener for homes

Feature 15

air purifier

Feature 16

air fresher for car

Feature 17


Feature 18


Feature 19


Feature 20

usb humidifier

Feature 21

ultrasonic mist maker

Feature 22

smell diffuser

Feature 23

car aroma diffuser

Feature 24

air freshener

Feature 25

scent diffuser

Feature 26

aromatic diffuser

Feature 27

h2o humidifier

Feature 28

car humidifier air purifier

Feature 29

air humidifier for home

Feature 30

Aromatherapy diffuser

Feature 31

Fragrance diffuser

Feature 32

Aromatherapy humidifiers diffusers


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