Xiaomi Smartmi Standing Fan 2S/3 for Home, ZLBPLDS05ZM, Quiet Outdoor Pedestal Fans, 4-20 Hours Wireless Use, App Smart Control



The difference between Smartmi Fan 2S and Smartmi Fan 3:

Smartmi fan 3 equip with LED screen and remote control, but the Smartmi fan 2S does not include them.

Smartmi Fan 3

Dynamic Technology for Natural Wind

Top Features

  • Natural Breezes technology

  • Multi-level adjustment of fan speed

  • Built-in lithium batteries provides 20 hours’ cordless use

  • Designed with scientific noise cancellation

  • AI Voice+App+Bluetooth Remote Control

  • LED screen

Smartmi Dynamic Algorithm

Our intricate randomized algorithm was built to imitate the nature’s order一that the wind blows as it likes, not as programmed.

TOP: Curve of wind from normal AC fan with 4 preset modes.

Middle: Curve of wind from smartmi standing fan with AI algorithm.

Bottom: Curve of wind from real world.

Mimics breeze feel with 7 blades

Forward swept fan blades with refined air inlet angles, for delicate wind changes mimicking the soft sensations of natural breezes.

Brushless DC motor for an authentic breeze

Stepless speed adjustment combined with a cutting-edge algorithm reconstructs the feeling of continuously changing breezes.

Cordless use for limitless possibilities Up to 20 Hours’ Cordless Use High Mobility, Easy to Move Anywhere

The standing fan’s built-in battery can work wirelessly for 20 hours*. Power or not, the cooling continues.

Cool You Off in The Kitchen/Living Room/Outdoor

A Gentle, Noiseless Breeze Makes Good Company

Designed with scientific noise cancellation, emits soft breezes, creating a forest-like environment for you.

Wind Is in Your Hand, So Is Smart Control Xiaomi Home app Support.

Smart Home/Oscillation Angle/Child lock/Wind Level/Timer/Natural Wind Mode

AI Voice Control

Summon a natural breeze with a few words.

Google Assistant

Bluetooth Remote Control

No need to point at the fan Control from any direction.

Bluetooth remote control

HD LED Display

Fan Operating Status at a Glance

Check the fan operating status anytime on HD LED display.

Hassle-free Assembly Cleaning is a Breeze

Long-lasting Design

Anodized aluminum + ABS material.



When the fan works on batteries for more than 1 hour, it will automatically trigger the power saving mode, and then it will automatically disconnect from the remote control and the app, press the power button will cancel the power saving mode.

Howto pair the remote control with the fan via Bluetooth: press “Power/wind speed adjustment” button and “Oscillation control/mode change” button simultaneously for about 5 seconds, then press a random button on the fan .

How do I connect my standing fan to Mi Home APP/Google Assistant/Alexa?

Before setting, please download the Mi Home APP and register your Mi ID.

To Mi Home APP: reset the Wi-Fi setting of the standing fan following user manual, make sure the device is on the same Wi-Fi(2.4GHz required) network as your phone, press the + button on the top-right corner on the screen to start searching for the device. When it appears on the screen, press and enter the Wi-Fi password,then wait for the connection to complete. After establishing the connection, in just a few preference setting, your standing fan is good to go!

To Google Assistant: after connecting to smartmi link APP, open Google Home APP, press the setting(in gear icon) button on the middle of the screen, then scroll down and select “Works on Google”. Search “smartmi family”, then follow the steps thereafter to finish the setting.

To Alexa: after connecting to smartmi link APP, open Alexa APP, select the “Device” section, then press the “Your Smart Home Skill” under “Add Device” section. On the next page, press the search(in magnifier icon) button on the top-right corner, search “smartmi family”, then follow the steps thereafter to finish the setting.

About us:

The original intention of Smartmi Technology is to make “household appliances that touch people’s hearts”. Since its establishment in 2014, as the core supply partner of Xiaomi ecological chain, Smartmi has created the global No. 1 achievement in the industry of Xiaomi air purification product shipments.

At the same time, Smartmi Technology also launched dozens of products with design beyond the industry, quality beyond the standard, and experience beyond expectations in the categories of smart bathroom, electric heating, humidification and other household appliances, continuously reshaping people’s lifestyles. In the future, Smartmi Technology will always uphold the original intention to bring more users within reach of intelligent household appliances.


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Warranty and Service:

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Brand Name


Power (W)


Voltage (V)



Mainland China

Remote Control Function


Timing Function

>7.5 hours


Cooling Only, Air Cooling Fan, DC standing fan

Max. Timing Limit

>8 hours

Reverse Rotating Function


Wind Type

Natural Wind

Max. Power




Air supply mode

Head Shaking







Power Source


Rotation Way

8 Words Shake


Negative Ion



Controlling Mode

Remote Controlled

Suspender Length


Rotary Vane Quantity




Model Number


Fan Speed

Second Gear

Package weight




Operation mode

4 levels


4 Angles Horizontal Oscillate 2 Angles Vertical Oscillate


App + AI voice + Bluetooth remote control

Battery type

Lithium-ion battery pack


Smartmi Standing Fan 2S/3

Outdoor Fan


Wireless Fan/Cordless fan


Portable Fan


Electric Fan


Rechargeable Fan


APP comtrol

Mi Home/Google Assistant/Alexa


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